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Samuel P. Moeller is a trusted and experienced Personal Injury Attorney who provides exceptional services in accident and personal injury cases throughout Arizona. Samuel has years of expertise in handling accident cases that are litigated and will ensure you receive a beneficial amount for the damages.

At the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller we devote our time and work toward building a solid case in order to get the maximum amount of money for our clients. Our firm is reputed as an aggressive representative against defense firms, irresponsible parties, and insurance companies.

Our services include:
- Personal injury
- Auto accidents
- Injury caused by slip and fall
- Wrongful death

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Injured? Vehicle wrecked?
We can come to you!

We fight exclusively for clients who are traumatized because of personal injury and negligence of other people. We focus on victims who are affected by slips and falls, personal injury, automobile accidents and wrongful death. We make sure to follow legal procedures to ensure you get a complete and full compensation for your injuries, including lost wages, future income, medical bills, emotional distress, suffering and pain.

We never charge clients until their case is won. If we are not able to recover compensation in your case we will not pressure you for any legal fees.

Samuel is one of the best personal injury lawyers in Arizona, and he takes pride in serving clients who are traumatized by accidents and injuries. You can contact us at any time for a free consultation without any obligations.

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